He Pushed Him In

Johnny was nine years old, and he was a very bad boy, but his mother always hoped that he would behave better. Then one day, after he had come home from school, Johnny's teacher called his mother to the phone and said, «Did you know, Mrs. Perkins that Johnny saved another boy when he fell into the river while we were out for a walk this morning?»

Mrs. Perkins was very happy when she heard this. She thought, «Johnny's becoming a good boy.» Then she turned to him and said, «That was your teacher. Why didn't you tell me you have been such a brave boy and saved one of your friends when he fell into the river this morning?»

But Johnny did not look very happy when he heard this. His face become very redand he said, «Well, I really had to pull him out, because I pushed him in.»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What kind of boy was Johnny?
  2. What did Mrs. Perkins hope?
  3. What did Johnny's teacher tell his mother?
  4. What did his mother think then?
  5. What did she say to Johnny?
  6. What did he answer?
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