Her Husband's Bones

Mr. Grey was a biology professor, and he had a big collection of extremely rare bones which he was very proud of. Then one year he managed to get a new and better job at another university. Because Mr. Grey was very busy, his wife made the arrangements for all their possessions to be taken in a moving van to their new home while he was away at work.

The following week three men started taking the things out of Mrs Grey's house and loading them into the van, when one of them brought out a large wooden box. He was just about to throw it into the van with all the other things when Mrs. Grey ran out of her house and said, «Please, treat that box very gently! That one has all of my husband'sbones in it»

The man was so surprised that he nearly dropped the box on his feet.

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What kind of collection did Mr. Grey have?
  2. What happened to Mr. Grey one year?
  3. Why did some men came to take all of the Greys' possessions away?
  4. What did one of the men take out of the house?
  5. What was he going to do with the box?
  6. What did Mrs. Grey say to the man?
  7. What happened to the to the man when he heard this?
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