His First Injection

An old man went to the hospital. When the doctor came to see him, he said, «Well, Mr. Jones, you're going to have some injections, and than you'll feel much better. A nurse will come and give you the first one this evening, and then, you'll get another one tomorrow morning»

In the evening a young nurse came to Mr. Jones's bed and said to him «I am going to give you your first injection now, Mr. Jones. Where do you want it?»

The old man was surprised. He looked at the nurse for several seconds, and then said, «Nobody's ever let me choose that before. Are you really going to let me choose now?»

«Yes, Mr. Jones,» the nurse answered. She was in a hurry. «Where do you want it?»

«Well, then,» the old man answered with a smile, «I want it in your left arm, please».

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Where did the old man go?
  2. What did the doctor say to him?
  3. What happened in the evening?
  4. What did the young nurse ask Mr.Jones?
  5. What did Mr. Jones answer?
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