Hit Him Back

Steve was eleven years old, and his brother Tim was seven. Both of school, and both of them liked sports and games very much. They also liked fighting, but their mother wasn't happy when they had fights with other boys.

A few days ago Tim ran into the house and went up to his bedroom. His brother was there too, listening to their record player. He looked up when Tim came and said, «Why are you crying, Tim?»

«Because Harry hit me,» his younger brother said. Harry was one of the boys at school, and they often had fights with each other.

Steve laughed and said, «Did you hit him back, or did you cry like a baby and run home to Mommy?»

«I hit him back!» Tim answered angrily. «I hit him back first, and then he hit me.»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What three things did Steve and Tim like?
  2. When wasn't their mother happy?
  3. Why was Tim crying when he came into the bedroom?
  4. Who was Harry?
  5. What did Steve ask Tim?
  6. What did Tim answer?
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