Household Chores (Future Simple)

Task 1

Create a robot which will do all household chores in the future. Say the robot’s name, what chores it can do, how it does its chores, how much it will cost and how it will look like.

Task 2

You work in a cleaning company. Today you have got a task to clean a very dirty “bachelor’s den”. Describe what this house is like, what you are doing and what cleaning supplies you are using.

Task 3

Your mum has asked you to clean your house / apartment. You have been working since morning. Say what you have already done / what you haven’t done yet.

Example: I have already watered all flowers but I haven’t disinfected a toilet yet.

Task 4

You are a man who cannot find a job. You don’t have any specific qualification but you can do a lot of household chores. Write an advertisement (реклама) for a local newspaper offering your services to people who cannot cope with household chores themselves. Describe what you can do and how much it will cost.

Task 5

You are Cinderella. You have to do a lot of household chores about the house, because your stepsisters and stepmother are very lazy. Describe your daily routine. Say what you do every day/ what other members of the family don’t do. Say how you feel about that.

Task 6

You are a slob (нечупара) who doesn’t like doing any household chores. Describe your lifestyle, your house and attitude (ставлення) to household chores.

Future Simple

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