How to Be Promoted

When George Jones finished college, he became a clerk in a company, hoping to advance to higher position as time went on. He did his work reasonably well, but he wasn't very smart so when the older employees retired from higher positions, it was never Jones who was promoted.

After he had been with the company for fifteen years without ever being promoted, a smart young smart man from the college, came to work in the same department, and after a year, he was promoted above Jones.

Jones was angry that he hadn't been promoted instead of this young man, so he went to his manager and said, «I've had sixteen years' experience on this job, yet a new man has been promoted over my head after having been here only one year.»

«I'm sorry, Jones», answered the manager patiently, «but you haven't had sixteen years' experience: you've had one year's experience sixteen times».


  1. What job did George Jones get after leaving college?
  2. What was his ambition?
  3. Why didn't he get promoted?
  4. Who joined the same department fifteen years after him?
  5. What happened after a year?
  6. Why did Jones go to see the manager?
  7. What did Jones say to him?
  8. What did the manager answer?
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