How to Find a Hotel

Pat Hogan was traveling around the country in his car. One evening he was driving along a road and looking for a small hotel when he saw an old man at the side of the road. He stopped his car and said to the old man, «I wan I to go to the Sun Hotel. Do you know it?»

«Yes,» I he old man answered. «I'll show you the way.»

He got into Pat's car, and they drove for about two miles. When they came to a small house, the old man said, «Stop here.»

Pat stopped and looked at the house. «But this isn't a hotel,» he said to the old man.

«No,» the old man answered, «this is my house. And now I'll show you the way to the Sun Hotel. Turn around and go back nine miles. Then you'll see the Sun Hotel on the left.»


  1. What did Pat ask the old man when he stopped his car?
  2. What did the old man answer?
  3. How far did they drive?
  4. What did Pat say when they stopped?
  5. What did the old man say to Pat?
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