Worksheet "Ideal Holiday" (there will be)

by Karina Epelfeld

Age: 10+

Level: intermediate

Concerns: holidays; I would like to have; there will be.


Students work in pairs. Both students have a list of would-be things on their ideal holiday. They choose 10 the most favourable things on their f.e. birthday and then each student asks 10 questions trying to guess what did the first one has chosen. The one who has guessed all the ideas says: Bingo. Then they should create the story about the holiday of their dream.


Will there be a coloured table cloth on the table?

or Would you like to have drums and clowns on your birthday?

Paper chain over the holiday table

Tablecloth on the table

Colorful glasses with straws

Greeting cards from friends

Candles on the tasty cake

Fancy dresses on guests

Candies and lollipops in the kitchen

Jar with the tasty lemonade

Creckers, drums and clowns on the birthday party

Money and presents from friends and relatives

Room decorations everywhere

Forks, knifes, spoons and plates on the tablecloth

A number of soft toys in the corner of the room

Café with the different soft drinks and tasty food

Party on the seaside with crying seagulls and noisy waves

Picnic and barbecue in the park

Roundabouts, seesaws and swings in the park

Fast rollerblades, skateboards and bikes

Bright balloons, ice-cream and candyfloss in the circus

Photographer with a big camera

Fireworks in the sky

Happy smiles on the faces

Warm kisses and hugs

Beautiful flowers around us

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