Idiom – Go haywire

Go haywire – барахлить (о технике), сходить с ума (о людях).

About things: go wrong, break down, malfunction, stop working, behave wrong, get confused, out of control.

About people: go berserk, furious, frantic.

I have recently bought a new house. I would rather not have… All my electrical appliances have gone haywire there. The first to go haywire was my computer.
The moment the compression software had gone haywire, everything on a hard disk was lost. If only I had known that it was a spooky house with the ghosts affecting the magnetic field…

The fridge went haywire, the TV went haywire, the camera went haywire
I’m afraid my car’s gone haywire. It won’t start. I guess, I am going haywire myself and about to smash up all to bits.

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