IELTS Writing Sample: Advantages & Disadvantages of Factories

A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community.

Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Factories

In our country, in the present reality, the constructions of such objects as factories, waste processing plants, treatment plants and so on is often connected with people’s disapproval and distrust. Of course, factories and plants may emit dangerous compounds, soot and dust, pollute the air, water and soil, cause vibrations and noises, produce unpleasant odours. The other reason that could make people object to those and protest against the construction of the latter is a possible unattractive view of the future factory, that may disfigure a landscape and this, in turn, may hinder the development of tourism and recreation.

But on the other hand, the construction of a large factory would create additional employment for local people and this can be a good solution to the problem of unemployment in depressed towns and villages. There would also be a great income to the community’s budget from factory's taxes and this money can be used on the development of the community, for example, on the road renovation, street lighting installation, reconstruction and new building of the public centre, laying the pipes for water supply and sewerage.

In general, I think that in this case there are more advantages than disadvantages or some of the flaws can be eliminated or reduced. For instance, in order to decrease the pollution of the environment and protect the nature, it is necessary to install purifying equipment and use modern technologies in production operations, and protective green planting could serve to reduce noise. Further, to improve the appearance of industrial buildings modern materials and design can be used – they will make the view of a factory more attractive. And the main thing is the creation of the area development plan of a factory, in which all the nature and health protection requirements, design norms and rules will be observed. This plan with the intentions of plant construction should be submitted for consideration and approval by the community. The company, which wishes to build a factory should explain, what this plant will bring to the community and what impact it will have on people’s lives and the conditions of the environment.

To summarize, to my mind, the construction of the factory is a good opportunity to improve the living conditions of the community inhabitants provided that while being designed all the building rules have been abided and nature and health protection requirements have been fulfilled.

Band: 8.0

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