IELTS Writing Sample: Teaching

Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The ability of being good and responsible member of human community is a key skill, which every young member of society should know since childhood. To be a good part of each society is to be a good citizen, to observe laws, not to commit crimes, to respect other people and their property, take care of the environment – to be valuable to the community. In other words, the future of every country depends on the level of social education and upbringing, responsibility for own life, family and for life of the society. But who should teach children this?

According to the one opinion, children should learn this from their parents, at home. This can make sense, firstly because of trust level, which is much higher within the family, than in any other place, such as school. Secondly, parents may show by their own example, what it means – to be a good member of a society: together with children they can do some good deed or contribute to charity, take care of some nature spot near the place of living or just not to drop litter in the street. Furthermore, parents always will support their children, listen to them patiently and explain confusing or unclear moments. On the downside, parents may not devote enough attention to their children or even be not so good role model – cannot be excluded possibility of the existence of irresponsible or even dysfunctional parents. Moreover, their idea of a “good member of society” may completely disagree with a generally accepted one.

Alternatively, that social-useful knowledge may be obtained due to school lessons, where professional teachers with special skills and competence, by means of methodical guidance and right approach will teach children all the rules of the modern society. Other upside is the possibility of conducting tests in order to find out if students understood the topic profoundly. But, to my mind, there are also some flaws: pupils often perceive those lessons with hostility or boredom, or are dismissive of them. The success of learning the lesson depends on teacher`s high proficiency, but, unfortunately, not all of them can boast of this.

In my opinion, in any case it is better to follow the rule of “the golden half”: there cannot be the only one place to learn such an important thing, as how to be a good member of society. The advantages of all the ways of teaching – at home and in schools should be combined. In such way, the drawbacks will be maximally reduced.

Band score: 8.0

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