In the Garden

by Olena Chala

Hello, everybody! My name is Tom. I am a boy. I`m a little boy. I am six. I am not sad. I am happy. I am cool. I`m in the garden.

It is a big garden. It isn`t small. It is a big garden near my house. There are trees. There are tall and small trees. There are green trees. There are flowers. There are nice and pretty flowers in the garden.

They are red and yellow. They are blue and purple. They are white and pink. They are fantastic. I can look at the trees. I can look at flowers. I can smell the flowers. I can pick up them.

There are birds. There are small and big birds.

- Hello, birds. What can you do?

- Hello, Tom. We can fly. We can jump. We can sing a nice song. Listen!

Chirp, chirp. Chirp!

- Well done, little birds! Look at the sky! They can fly. Look at the grass! They can jump. Look at the trees! They can sing. Listen! Chirp, chirp. Chirp! How nice.

There is a beetle. There is a big beetle on the tree. The beetle is black and brown.

What can it do?

- Hello, big beetle. What can you do?

- Hi, Tom. I can do a lot of things. I can fly. I can crawl. I can eat green leaves.

- Can you sing a nice song?

- No, I can`t. I can`t sing a nice song.

- Well done, big beetle. You can do a lot of things. You can fly. You can crawl. You can eat green leaves but you can`t sing. Bye, bye!

Wow! What`s this? Look! There is a caterpillar. The caterpillar is in the flower. Wow! It`s green and yellow. It isn`t big. It`s small. It has got two eyes. It has got a nose. It has got many legs. It hasn`t got wings. It hasn`t got hair. It is very funny ,too!

- Hello, caterpillar! What can you do?

- Hello, Tom. I can crawl. I can crawl slowly. I can eat. I can eat green grass. I can eat green leaves.

- Can you sing a nice song like birds?

- No, I can`t. I can`t sing a nice song but I can be very beautiful.

- How? How can it be?

- I am a magic caterpillar. I can be a butterfly. Do you want to see?

- Yes, I do, I want to see. Show me, please.

- One, two, three, turn, turn, turn around!

The caterpillar starts to turn around very quickly. It is so interesting. I am waiting. I am waiting for butterfly. It`s fantastic. It`s great. She is not a caterpillar now. She is a butterfly.

- Wow! You are so pretty. You are so beautiful. You are really a magic caterpillar. But now, you are a wonderful butterfly!

- Thank you Tom. You can see. I can`t sing like birds, but I can be very beautiful. Now I have got two small, black eyes. I have got a small, brown nose. I have got six legs. I have got two colourful wings. I can fly! Bye, bye Tom!

- Bye, bye ,wonderful butterfly. You are really fantastic and magic. Now you have got two black eyes. You have got a small, brown nose. You have got six legs. You have got two colourful wings.

I am very happy. My garden is super! My garden is great. My garden is magic. There are singing birds. There are crawling beetles.There are magic caterpillars and beautiful butterflies. I can sing. I can sing the nice song. Listen:

I can sing like a bird. Chirp, chirp.

I can crawl like a beetle. Crawl, crawl.

I can turn like a caterpillar. Turn, turn

I can fly like a butterfly. Whee, whee.

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