Clothes (Situations)

Topic: clothes

Grammar: Present Simple / Present continuous

Task 1

A critic

Imagine that you a fashion critic. (Give students pictures with different people). Say what this/that person is wearing (what kind of clothes/colour/material/style etc.). Say your opinion (Does it match?/Is it trendy?). Give your advice to this person (What he/she should wear).

Task 2

I’m a designer

Imagine that you are a famous designer. Tell journalists about your new collection of clothes, including the most extraordinary. (style/colour etc.). (Give students task to tell about different collections – summer, winter, spring, autumn, men’s clothes, women’s clothes).

Task 3

I’m a star

Imagine that you are a famous person (singer, actor, actress). Tell about your clothes (what you wear at concerts/when you go to the restaurant/when you go for a walk/when you go to the gym etc)

Task 4

I need help

Divide the group into pairs. One student is asking for advice about clothes, another can give pieces of advice.

Give different situations (you are going to the party/date/wedding/club etc.). Then change roles.

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