Technology (Situations)

Topic: technology

Grammar: will / going to

Task 1

Ticket to the Moon

Imagine that you are going to the Moon (or other planet), but you can take only two things. What will you take? How will you use these things on the Moon (or other planet)?

Task 2

Time machine

Imagine that you have got a time machine. You can travel in the future. What will you see? Describe people, cities, technology etc. of the future. Will people live better or worse?

Task 3

Crazy scientist

You are a crazy scientist. What will you invent? Describe your invention. What will it do? For example: I will invent a robot. It will be 12 meters in height. It will destroy old buildings and cars etc.

Task 4


Divide the group into pairs. One student is a journalist, the other is an alien. “Alien” gives an interview: Why they come to our planet/ What they are going to do etc.

Task 5

Join the club

Divide the group into two teams “Optimists” and “Pessimists”. The first team describes our future in positive way and gives their reasons why they think so. The second team describes our future in negative way and gives their reasons why they think so. The team with more reasons wins.

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