​It is the Tights’ Fault

There is a family of three. This family is very happy. Mum and Dad are proud of their clever daughter. They have got a little girl Kate. She is only two years old. She is a small and very serious child.

She wants to try everything. She wants to do all by herself. She doesn’t like when somebody helps her. She is very obstinate.

It is a pleasant spring day. Kate’s family is going for a walk. Kate is trying to put on her tights.

‘Why are the tights so naughty?’ asks Kateangrily.

‘May I help you,’ says mother.

‘No, I can do it by myself. The tights always turn over. But I don’t need your help,’ answers daughter.

Mum is smiling. Kate is putting on the tights the wrong way.

‘Now I am ready to go outside,’ says daughter.

‘Ok, let’s go,’ says mum with a smile.

They are walking in the park. Mum and dad are holding daughter’s hands. She is trying to break out off their hands.

‘I can go without you. Don’t help me. I can do it,’ says daughter.

‘But you might fall. What if you fall down and hurt yourself? We had better hold your hands,’ says dad.

Kate doesn’t listen to her dad. She breaks out and falls down. She is angry but she isn’t crying.

‘Are you OK? Why are you so angry?’ asks dad.

‘Listen, dad! These tights aren’t nice. I don’t like them. When I am wearing these tights, I can’t do anything. They are naughty. Can you buy me some not so naughty tights, please,’ answers Kate.

Answer these questions

a) Why are mum and dad happy?

b) How old is Kate?

c) What is she like?

d) Where is the family going?

e) What is Kate trying to do?

f) Is she putting on the tights right?

g) Why does she want to have new tights?

Write the correct words

a) There is a family of _______________.

b) She wants to try __________________.

c) What are the ___________________ tights.

d) I can do it by ____________________.

e) Mum and dad are holding _______________________.

f) She is trying to ____________________ of their hands.

e) I can go without your _________________.

g) Can you buy me ____________________ tights, please?

Find the opposites in the text

happy – __________

like – ___________

smile – ___________

hold – ___________

anything –  ___________

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