​Jack’s Argument

Jack is a small boy. He is the oldest baby in the family. He is only four years old. He is witty and clever. He is interested in everything. He asks a lot of questions. He is both curious and stubborn.

It is the hottest summer day. Jack and his mom are walking in the park.

‘Mom, I am hungry and thirsty,’ says Jack. ‘I want something to eat and drink.’

‘How about a bottle of water and a piece of pizza?’ asks mum.

‘Let me think. Water is OK, but pizza isn’t a good idea,’ says Jack.

‘Why?’ asks mum.

‘Because I want a bar of chocolate,’ answers Jack.

‘A bar of chocolate? But it is very hot now and chocolate isn’t good on a hot day. It isn’t good for your teeth, either,’ says mum.

‘It is a bar of chocolate, that I want. I don’t want any pizza. I don’t want any sandwiches. I don’t want any fruit. I don’t want any ice creams,’ answers her son.

‘I don’t understand. Can you explain?’ asks mum.

‘Yes. It is really hot and chocolate isn’t good on a hot day. It isn’t good for my teeth, but it’s very useful for my brain. It is a fact, isn’t it?’ retorts Jack.

by Olena Chala

I. Guess these riddles.

1. It is the hottest season in the year. _________________

2. It is a dish with cheese, sausage and tomatoes. _________________

3. It is very sweet and yummy. _________________

4. It is not for eating, it is for drinking. _________________

5. They grow in the trees, they are sweet and juicy. _________________

6. It is cold but very yummy cream. _________________

7. We have got them inside our mouth. _________________

II. Write the opposites.

1. witty – _________________

2. clever – _________________

3. curious – _________________

4. stubborn – _________________

5. the oldest – _________________

6. useful – _________________

III. Write the correct word.

1. A bar of _________________

2. A bottle of _________________

3. A piece of _________________

4. I am hungry, I want something to _________________

5. I am thirsty, I want something to _________________

6. It’s very useful for my _________________

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