Jason. Exercise

Mixed Tenses

Use the words in bracket to complete the sentence.

Jason is 12 years old and he _______ (live) in York. He _______ (live) there for 12 years. He _______ (go) to school every day by bus. But today he _______ (go) to school on foot. Jason’s mother _______ (teach) German at university. Yesterday she _______ (not/work), as it was Sunday. She _______ (teach) German at university for already 15 years. Jason’s father _______ (work) in a bank. When he _______ (work) yesterday in the morning he _______ (feel) bad and _______ (go) home.

In his free time, Jason _______ (play) football with his friends. He _______ (want) to be a football player when he _______ (grow) up. His parens _______ (think) that he _______ (become) a footballer in future. Unfortunately his team _______ (lose) the match yesterday.

At weekends, Jason _______ (not/wake up) early. After lunch, he and his dad often _______ (play) board games or _______ (ride) their bicycles. Jason recently _______ (buy) an interesting board game to play at the weekend. He _______ (be) sure everyone _______ (enjoy) it a lot. NextFriday , they _______ (visit) their best friend, Henry, and they _______ (spend) the evening watching films.

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