Jim applies for the job

One evening Jim decides to read the advertisement in a 'showbiz' magazine. The advertisement says that there are vacancies for a non-speaking part but very athletic people. As Jim is out of work he applies for the job. Many other people apply for the job too. Jim finds the job in a local zoo. The zoo's director explains that one of the zoo's major attractions, the gorilla, dies the other day and they need a substitute until they import the real thing. Jim has to wear thegorilla's suit for a few weeks and swing round the branches.

The few weeks turn into a month. It is very hot in the suit but the pay is very good. Jim leaps and tumbles about and the public love it. One day Jim the crowd's applause drives Jim and he gets more daring and attempts a somersault. When he does a somersault he loses his grip and falls out of the tree and straight into the lion's enclosure. When he recovers his senses he sees the lion. The lion is approaching. Jim starts to scream for help.

'Shut up. you fool.' said the lion 'Do you want to get us both the sack?'

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