Sample Letter: School Uniform

Dear Max,

I haven’t heard from you for ages. in your last letter you mentioned that dress code at your school is going to be changed, but the previous one was kind of acceptable for you.

In our country school uniform is strictly demanded for pupils of primary school and first forms of secondary, but for students of high school it isn’t obligatory and they are able to wear what they actually want.

In my vision, the best school uniform isn’t the only outfit which is required constantly. all the students have different tastes in clothing and they should have some space choice what to wear. so, I reckon, that it would be perfect if students wore their own clothes, but minded the official style.

As for me, in 90% cases i prefer wearing man’s clothing, because I find it more pleasant and i feel more convenient and confident while wearing it. i think, that there is no need in emphasizing either in gender the school uniform, because pupils’ comfort is much more important than the appearance.

I think that is all for now.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With love,


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