​Like Brother

The little girl Dana is 3 years old. She is playing in her bedroom. She is talking with her dolls and singing a nice song.

Her mother is very busy. The family is waiting for the guests today. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen and listening to Dana’s singing.

‘Why is it so quiet?’ thinks mum. ‘What is my daughter doing right now? She is not singing any more. Is she playing? Let’s check.’

She is going into the bedroom. She is looking at Dana. She is surprised. Dana is sitting on the bed and cutting her bushy, long hair.

‘What are you doing? Why are you cutting your beautiful hair?’ asks mum.

‘Mum, look at me. My hair doesn’t disturb me now and I am as pretty as my brother, aren’t I,’ smiles daughter.

1. Write negative sentences

a) She is playing in her bedroom.

b) Her mother is very busy.

c) Why is it so quiet?

d) The family is waiting for the guests today.

e) She is surprised.

f) Is she playing?

g) Let’s check.

2. Write the correct form of to be

We _________ the best friends. Look! Nick and Tod _________ playing with their toys.

They ___________ sitting on the floor. Dina and Helen ___________ singing nice songs.

Nat and Peter__________ cooking sandwiches right now. Dona ____________ sitting on the bed She ___________ cutting the snowflakes out of the paper.

3. Answer these questions

a) What is Dana?

b) What is she doing right now?

c) Why is her mum busy?

d) What is mum doing in the kitchen?

e) Why is mum going into the bedroom?

f) Who is surprised?

g) What doesn’t disturb Dana now? Why?

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