List Of Ideas ​For “Have You Ever...”

1. Have you ever tried to wiggle your ears?

2. Have you ever sneezed with open eyes?

3. Have you ever hiccupped non-stop for no reason?

4. Have you ever stayed awake with no sleep for more than two nights?

5. Have you ever blushed in front of others?

6. Have you ever laughed yourself into convulsions?

7. Have you ever patted a wild animal?

8. Have you ever been interviewed?

9. Have you ever taken risks?

10. Have you ever gotten lost anywhere?

11. Have you ever done a dangerous sport?

12. Have you ever worn the same clothes/underwear a couple of days in a row?

13. Have you ever re-gifted your own gifts?

14. Have you ever kept dried herbs?

15. Have you ever dried up butterflies or other insects?

16.Have you ever taken food out of a trash can and eaten it.

17. Have you ever made money by performing or begging on the street.

18 Have you ever had a nightmare like a horror film?

19. Have you ever stolen anything?

20. Have you ever snuck out of your house at night?

Additional ideas

make snow or sand figures (make/made/made)

spill a hot drink onto yourself (spilt/spilled-spilt/spilled)

dress up like a famous book or movie character

cheat in a game or on an exam

fall asleep sitting or standing (fall/fell/fallen)

touch a dangerous animal/reptile/insect

cross a street in a wrong place/or at a wrong light

witness a crime/earthquake/tornado

sing karaoke (sing/sang/sung)

laugh with a drink coming out of your nose

lick an icycle

catch a snowflake on your tongue( catch/caught/caught)

play a trick on someone

throw you old favourite things away

make someone cry (make/made/made)

take part in competitions (take/took/taken)

eat snails (eat/ate/eaten)

play truant/hooky from school

make a prank phone call (make/made/made)

eat out of a rubbish container (eat/ate/eaten)

sunbathe nude

spy on your neighbours

spit or swear in the public (swear/swore/sworn)

bully or tease someone

get trapped in a lift

eat frog legs or other strange food

bungee jump

jump with a parachute

leave a cafe without paying (leave/left/left)

your ideas

Never have I... game. But I have...

Say what you have never done using different ideas until someone says But I have. Let him or her speak about the details of the action , this time in Past Simple and let him continue the game.

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