​Little Ladybird Magee

There was a little ladybird who was called Magee. She was an unusual ladybird and other ladybirds always looked at her. The little ladybird wondered why other ladybugs were eyeing her. But she just could not find an answer to that question. So she asked Mama Ladybird, "Mom, why do all the other ladybugs always look at me? Am I weird?" Her mother said, "My little Magee, they all look at you because you're so special. You do not have many spots like other ladybirds, but you have exactly three spots on your little wings. That makes you so special."

This answer made Magee sad, because she also wanted to have as many spots as other ladybugs. When Mama ladybird noticed that, she tried to calm her little Magee down: "You do not have to be sad. You can be proud of it. And do you know what's great about your three spots? I can always quickly recognize you. And that's why I love you so much, my little one." 

Only then did Magee realize that her friends had more than three spots and they always strangely stared at her. And that made her even sadder. Despite her despondency, she hugged her mother warmly and told her that she wanted to make a little trip, hoping to find a ladybird with only three spots, but she did not tell her mother about her plans.

Shortly thereafter, the little ladybird Magee flew through the air. She did not feel so sad anymore, because flying was a lot of fun, no matter that she had only three spots. After Magee had flown for a while and still had not found another ladybird with three spots, she landed on a large gray stone amidst a green field of flowers. She thought about what her mother said and began to realize that she was really the only ladybird with three spots. But she did not think it was that bad anymore. Just then, a pretty little ladybird sat next to her. Magee looked at her and could hardly believe her eyes: there was a ladybird with exactly three spots.

Then said the little pretty ladybird: "Hello, why are you looking so perplexed?" After a long moment, Magee answered: "You have only three spots on your wings!" "Yes, I know. That's great. Shall we be friends? By the way, my name is Anne. And you?" "I'm Magee," came in response. Magee was so happy to have met a another ladybird with only three spots.

by Rabea Pape

translated and adapted by Towmuch from Der kleine Marienkäfer Mo

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