Little Penguin

Once upon a time there was a little penguin named Pingu. He was a very cheerful and bright young penguin who always wanted to discover something new.

One day he went on a picnic trip with his parents to the coast. After the meal, the mommy and papa penguins got so tired that they lay down and slept for a while. Pingu, on the other hand, was really happy and could barely sit still. So he decided to explore the area together with his teddy. He took it under his arm and first went to a nearby hill, from which he slid down on his butt again and again.

That was a lot of fun. But as time went on, Pingu took his teddy and went to the shore. There he sat down on the edge of the ice block, from which he could keep his feet in the water. He was splashing around and enjoying the time. But suddenly the ice made "crack"! Pingu was startled and did not know what had happened. But then he saw the: The block of ice had broken off and now drove around with Pingu on the open sea. The little penguin immediately called for help because he could not swim yet:

"Help, help! Is there anyone?"

Two seals heard that and immediately swam to Pingu and asked: "Hey what's going on? Why are you screaming so loud?" Pingu replied, "The ice floe has come off and now I can not go back to the shore because I can not swim. Can not you help me somehow? I want to go back to mom and dad ". The two seals thought for a moment and then had an idea. "Watch out, we shall try to get the ice floe back to the shore. But you have to hold on tight.". 

Pingu agreed and off they went. The seals had to make an effort and pressed very hard against the ice floe. But then it moved and quickly arrived at the coast. Pingu was overjoyed and thanked them for their help. Then he quickly ran back to his parents with Teddy and lay down between them. Happy and content, he fell asleep dreaming of his two new friends…

translated from Der kleine Pinguin by Christin Mattai

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