Lucky and I (Present Simple)

Grammar: Present Simple

Vocabulary: Free time

Hello, my name is Sonia. I am 10 years old and I’m a pupil of the 5th form. I want to tell you about my free time. Every day I go for a walk with my dog. My dog’s name is Lucky. We have fun together. Also I draw cartoons about my dog. I love it. I never play computer games, because I like reading books. We listen to music together. Lucky likes pop music and I always dance. On Saturdays I ride a bike in our park. Lucky likes running. I also collect comics about super animals with supper power. I never go swimming because I am afraid of water. I don’t like ice-skating.

I have got a friend. His name is Andrew. He is older. He is 12 years old. He is a pupil of the 7th form. He has got a hobby. His hobby is making model planes.He always watches TV. He has got his favourite TV program about planes. He also collects different types of planes. He never writes a diary. He likes my comics about animals and he never goes swimming. On Sundays we can go for a walk, ride a bike and feed Lucky together.

  • to go for a walk
  • to draw cartoons
  • to collect comics
  • to make model planes
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