Made of — made from — made out of — made with

Матеріал є частиною предмету.
Без перетворення.
Виробництво речей. Переробка матеріалу. Інгредиенти продуктів харчування та напоїв.
made of made from made out of made with
A necklace is made of silver.

A house is made of stone.

A chair is made of willow.

The slippers are made of wool.

These costumes are made of animal

The dress is made of silk.

The scarf is made of cotton.

The beads are made of dried

The necklace is made of gold.

A barn is made of wood.

A castle is made of sand.

A bracelet is made of paper.

The beads are made of pine sap.

The knife is made of stainless

The box is made of wood.

A spoon is made of silver.

Lego is made of plastic.

The doors are made of oak.
Plastic is made from

The earliest canoes were made from tree trunks.

Products made from petroleum are vital to modern societies.

Herbal remedies are often made from rare plants.

Paper is made from wood.

Clothes are made from natural fabrics.

The jewelry is made from the best-quality silver.

The buttons are made from the horn.

A new medication is made from marijuana.

A shaving cream, face cream, soap, and shampoo, all are made from peanuts.

Our refreshing drink is made from pure
orange and lemon juices.
Tents are made out of old plastic sheets.

Candle-holders were made out of wine bottles.

My stereo system is made out of steel, and is apparently much more durable than the plastic systems available today.

Almost all pop bottles are made out of plastic these days.

We have fake crystal wine glasses made out of plastic for the
children to drink out of.

Many hockey sticks today are made out of metal, and don't break as easily as the old wooden ones.

Trinidad is the home of the steel drum, an
instrument made out of an old oil barrel that can be played alone or in an orchestra.
This dish is made
beef, red peppers and herbs.


Is sushi always made with raw fish or do the Japanese use cooked fish too?

The red soup is
made with beetroot.

A cake is made with cherries.
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