Mass Media

The mass media have a number of tasks. In modern times, when information dominates, the mass media have an aim to convey information.

The mass media include print media, audio media. The print media include newspapers and magazines. The audio media include radio and television. The internet is a new medium.

The print media are printed by the publishers. The journalists collect various information, express their comments on the sheets of newspapers and magazines.

One differentiates between daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines. The daily newspapers appear daily. The weekly newspapers appear once a week and the monthly newspapers accordingly once a month. The newspapers can have from two to a hundred pages. The newspapers that are enjoyable by readers appear in large numbers.

The newspapers interpret the news more thoroughly and in more detail compared to radio and television. They include more events and news that happen in the world.

The magazines hardly focus on daily events. Its aim is to analyze and comment on the events of the previous weeks in detail. They appear more often on good paper, in good color and in a good cover, as they could be read through several times.

Radio is also widespread. Most of the time you listen to the radio to hear the music. There are also many interesting programs from which one can get a lot of useful information.

The most interesting and exciting medium is television. The spectrum of television offers today amazing events even to a discerning viewer. You can see everything, quickly get to all corners of the earth. The sound, the pictures are compared in such a way that you often feel as if you were witnessing everything yourself!

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