Misbehavior In The Classes - Speaking

Level: B2

A lot of schoolchildren misbehave at school. It means they do not behave in an acceptable way. Here is a misbehavior list, which suggests what children do wrong at school:

  • making a lot of noise
  • turning aroundand talking at the lesson
  • munching at the lesson
  • watching flies or other things
  • jingling with the trinkets all the time
  • leaving school or events without permission
  • aggressive behaviour, violence and bullying
  • using prohibited items
  • using a rude language
  • lying
  • littering
  • damaging of school property
  • disrespecting
  • cheating during tests
  • late arrivals
  • incorrect uniform
  • non-conforming hairstyle
  • doing home-assigned work during breaks
  • copying home works

Which of them are minor which are major kinds of misbehavior? Discuss.

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