Mixed Grammar Questions

1. When did you take a photo last time?

2. Do you ever have fish for lunch?

3.What were you dreaming about last night?

4. What will you eat in a vegetarian cafe?

5. What does a travel agent do?

6. How often do you travel by taxi?

7. What do people on diet eat?

8. How many spoons of sugar did you take in tea today?

9. When were you having breakfast today?

10. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?

11. Are you afraid to stay in a small space?

12. How much did the last thing you bought cost?

13. Would you climb a mountain?

14. Have you ever had a horror of hight?

15. What do people mostly complain about?

16. When are you having your friends in for coffee?

17. Whose concert would you like to go to?

18. How long have not you had holidays?

19. Can you ski?

20. When did you ski last time?

21. What music was playing when you were skiing last time?

22. Do you know French ?

23. Does an office manager have to know English?

24. Is your apartment insured against fire?

25. Can you play the piano?

26. When did you first go to the sea?

27. What are you wearing now?

28. Who are you listening to now?

29. What were you doing yesterday when it was getting dark?

30. In which season does it get darker earlier?

31. What is happening around in rush hours?

32. When will you be wearing sandals next time?

33. When will you be shopping next time?

34. Do you have a balcony at home?

35. What do you usually drink tea with?

36. When did you have a headache last time?

37.Do you have a dog? Who walks with the dog?

38. What do you do when you have a cold?

39. What are you going to spend money for?

40. How much work will you have tomorrow?

41. Have you ever had a high temperature?

42. Who will you talk with tomorrow?

43. Have you ever slept in the open air?

44. Have you ever swum in the lake?

45. What interesting jokes did you hear last time?

46. Where were you resting last summer?

47. What will you buy tickets for next time?

48. What will you do in the near future?

49. What will you eat for breakfast tomorrow?

50. What is your favorite cocktail?

51. Do you have any secrets?

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