Mixed Tenses. Test 1

1.My daughter _____ (wear) a lot of perfume.

2. My son _____ (play) computer without asking me.

3. The sound _____ (annoy) you?

4.The parents _____ (not approve) their son’s behaviour.

5. He _____ (be) always rude today.

6.Jack _____ (complete) the tax form now.

7. _____ we (go out) soon?

8.Look! The kettle _____ (boil).

9. We _____ (meet) at Phil’s party last month.

10.I still _____ (speak) to her, when you called.

11.Food prices _____ (rise) steadily these days.

12. Adam _____ (look) for a job since Easter.

13. I _____ never (meet) a celebrity in my life.

14.The Browns _____ (replace) the tiles in the bathroom tomorrow.

15. Roger _____ (leave) for Germany tonight. His train  _____ (depart) at 7.30 exactly.

16.Sarah _____ (be) bad-tempered in childhood.

17.Trevor _____ (play tennis) the whole day tomorrow.

18. Who _____ (write) with my pen, when I was out?

19.The skirt _____ (not, fit) you any more. You should lose some weight.

20.Our family normally _____ (eat) healthy food.

21.Mrs. Lewis _____ (look) after children all morning. She is sick and tired.

22.I _____ (take) riding lessons the whole day tomorrow.

23.My neighbour _____ (take) his driving test six times.

24. Colin _____ (appear) on the stage soon.

25.Jason _____ (fit) an extra lock at the front door. .

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