Множественное число: a calf - calves

Noun + f(e)→ f(e) +ves

a calf - calves,

an elf - elves,

a half - halves,

a hoof - hooves,

a knife - knives,

a leaf - leaves,

life - lives,

a loaf - loaves,

a scarf - scarves,

a sheaf - sheaves (= a bundle),

a shelf - shelves,

a thief - thieves,

a wife - wives,

self - selves,

wolf - wolves

1. Knives can be sharpened by grinding them against a rough stone.

2. Total cooking time is up to 40 minutes for loaves.

3. Maple leaves turn red in the autumn.

Noun + f = fs

a belief - beliefs,

a chef - chefs,

a cliff - cliffs,

a chief - chiefs,

a grief - griefs,

a gulf - gulfs,

a handkerchief - handkerchiefs,

a kerchief - kerchiefs,

a mischief - mischiefs,

a muff - muffs,

an oaf - oafs,

a proof - proofs,

a roof - roofs,

a safe - safes,

a turf - turfs

1. Act in accordance with your beliefs.

2. Chefs differ in their idea of what makes a good dessert.

3. Most CVs are sent by oafs claiming to have unrivalled leadership skills.

Noun +f = fs / ves

a dwarf - dwarfs, dwarves;

a hoof - hoofs, hooves;

a scarf - scarfs, scarves;

staff - staffs, staves;

turf - turfs, turves;

wharf - wharfs, wharves (= pier)

1. The ground shakes beneath the steady marching of the great mass of men and the tread of thousands of hoofs.

2. In former times, people who were much smaller than normal were called dwarfs.

3. There were a couple of scarfs around her neck.

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