Movie Genres

Match the column of questions to the correct answers about the movie genres.

Cover the A-L column and characterize the movie genres.

1What movie genres do you know?aactions and feelings of people who are in

love, whose behaviour which is very caring or affectionate.

2What are the main features of action


bdescribing or represent ing people,

situations, events or things that existed in the past.

3What are the main features of horror


can exciting breathtaking fictional story about

something such as criminal activities or spying.

4What are the main features of comedies?devents that take place in the future or in other parts of the universe with androids and starships
5What are the main features of dramas?estory in which a detective tries to solve

a crime

6What are the main features of science

fiction movies?

fan unusual, exciting, and rather

dangerous journey or series of events

7What are the main features of historical


ga serious play for the theatre,

television, or radio.with an interesting, exciting or distressing story

8What are the main features of


ha story with puzzling events in which

strange things happen that are not explained until the end

9What are the main features of mysteries?iaction films, horrors, dramas: mysteries,

detectives; comedies, tragedies, historical films, science fictions,
documentaries, thrillers, romances, adventures.

10What are the main features of detectives?jevents about real world and real people


11What are the main features of romances?kscary, creepy movies about spooky ghosts,

monsters and crazy killers.

12What are the main features of adventures?lan entertainment with a lot of jokes and

sketches, funny characters, funny situations, witty things, stupid things.
shocking and embarrassing or ridiculous things, humorous or amusing things

13What are the main features of thrillers?mlots of high-speed car chases, martial

arts fights, gun battles and big explosions, intricate plot, fast change of

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