​My coats

Level: A1-A2

Vocabulary: Clothes

I have two coats. One coat is a light coat. The other coat is a heavy winter coat. 

My light coat has slash pockets. It has got a leather belt. It is a loose coat with long sleeves and a hood. This coat is blue. There is a seam in the back. 

My winter coat has got a hood, too. It has got two patched pockets. It has not got a belt. But the fabric is waterproof. It is very warm.

  1. How many coats have you got?
  2. Have you got a light coat?
  3. Have you got a winter coat?
  4. Has your coat got pockets?
  5. What are the pockets like: slash or patched?
  6. Has your coat got a belt?
  7. How long are the sleeves?
  8. Has your coat got a hood?
  9. What color is your coat?
  10. Is your coat loose or tight?
  11. What are the sleeves like: long or short?
  12. Is the fabric waterproof?
  13. How warm is it?
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