​My day off

Level: B1

On weekdays everyone looks forward to the weekend. When the weekdays are over, I'm in a good mood - finally I have free time to rest well. The weekend is the time to recover from strenuous study and gather new strength for the next week. I am still a student and spend part of my weekend still studying. 

At the weekend I sleep longer than usually. I get up at 9 o'clock. When I go to the disco on Saturday with my friends, I sleep until 10 o'clock. I lie in my bed and listen to my favorite music. My mom prepares the breakfast for us during this time. At 10 o'clock we all have breakfast in the kitchen. I enjoy the time when the whole family gathers at a table. On weekdays, my parents are home late in the evening, so we rarely have dinner together.

On Saturday, I clean up my room. On Sunday I find a bit of time for watching TV. I like to watch TV, but I do not have much time left. I am interested in scientific films about the flora and fauna, the history of the earth, etc. I learn a lot of new and interesting from these films. I do not like to read. I am a computer addict, either. I also like to flip through various computer magazines. I practice a variety of computer programs myself. Unfortunately I have no internet connection. On the internet you can find a lot of necessary information not only for your studies, but also for your hobbies.

Sport is not my hobby. Very rarely do I do sports. I understand that one should often lead an active lifestyle. That's why I walk a lot. We meet our friends and like to go for a walk. Often I stroll alone through the city. I admire the beauty of nature. When the weather is nice, I either go with my parents or with my friends to the countryside. We usually have a barbecue in the countryside.

In the evening I listen to music, watch TV or go to a restaurant with friends. We take something to drink and then talk to each other about different things. I like this time. When the new work week starts, I think of the next weekend again and look forward to it.

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