My Family

Level: A1

We are the family. This is my father. My father's name is … . He is ... years old and he is a businessman. He is not tall but he is not short, either. His hair is black, it is short. His eyes are blue. His hobby is reading. He is also a chess player. He is a collector of beer cans.

This is my mother. My mother’s name is ... . She is … years old. She is younger than my father. She is a teacher. My mother is very beautiful. She is slim. She is short. She has black long hair, a small round face, brown eyes, a small nose. My mother is a very good cook.

This is my sister. Her name is ... . She is a student. Her hobbies are dancing and foreign languages. She is good at English and German.

Our grandparents are already retired. They are very kind-hearted.

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