My Flat

Level: A2

I live in the small town. Our family lives in the three-room apartment. It is located on the third floor of a five-storeyd house. It is 96 square meters and consists of the living room, the bedroom, my room, the bathroom, the kitchen and the hallway. The hall is spacious and bright.

Through the hallway you get into the kitchen. The kitchen is modern. It also serves as a dining room because we do not have a separate dining room. The kitchen is quite big, very bright and clean. Bright curtains hang on the wide window. The curtains are made of cotton. It lets in a lot of air and light. Next to the window is a fridge. In the kitchen is also a gas stove, a sink, a small kitchen-unit. On the window sill there are many potted flowers. In the upper right corner there is a small TV. In the morning you can hear the latest news or light music. You can also watch TV series or cartoons while cooking. Mom often watches t the soap operas while cooking.

Our living room is the largest room in the apartment. It is very cozy, comfortable and attractive. Here we meet in the evening. We talk about our plans, success and problems. The floor is covered with nothing. Then there is less dust. In the middle is a round table and 6 chairs. There is a computer in the corner. The computer works like a TV. In the living room we also have a sofa set. Walls and curtains have bright colors here. There are 2 large windows, looking out the street. The room is decorated with beautiful flowers.

To the left from the living room is my room. It is much smaller, but also very comfortable. Next to the window is my desk with a chair. There is also a bed, a bookshelf, a tape recorder and a laptop with printer. Here I often prepare for class together with my sister. There is also a carpet on the floor. The window leads to the balcony. In the right corner I have some things to train: a dumbbell and a box bulb.

The bedroom belongs to my parents. This room is neither big nor small. Here are two beds, a small table with the night lamp and a wardrobe. Curtains hang on the window. The room is red papered. Our apartment has all modern conveniences. We use gas, cold and hot water and centralheating. We also have telephone. There is also a garbage chute in the house. Overall, I find our apartment comfortable and I like it a lot.

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