​My Mother

Level: B1

There is hardly a person who does not love their mother.

This word "mother" is the most often used word in the world. It is the most valued word both for children and adults. I love my mother very much. Her name is… She is… years old.

I should say that she is the best friend for me and my brother. I appreciate her motherly love and support, understanding her children, constant care and help. No other person in the world can give what mother does.

Mother helps her children, educates them, teaches them to count, to write and read. She teaches them how to behave.

Our mother gives us a lot of attention. My mother works as… That's a responsible job. She goes to work every day, she comes back home often tired, but she's always interested in how we're doing, how we spent the day. If any problems arise, we discuss them and strive to find the right solutions. She always understands everything. She also knows how to make the family atmosphere friendly and pleasant. I am often surprised how mothers find time to do everything. They takes care of the children, they are active, also run the household and are always pretty and attractive.

My mother is very nice and friendly, kind and sincere.

She is not tall, a bit stout. She has long black hair, big brown eyes, an oval face, a straight little nose, a small mouth with thin lips. Her smile makes everyone happy.

She has earned the respect among the work colleagues and among all her acquaintances and friends.

We are very proud that we have such mother.

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