​ My Village (there is/are)

I. Read the text.

I have got a big family. We live in a village. There are my cousins. There is my uncle and aunt. There are my grandparents. I have got a dog there. It is not old. It is small.I have got a house there.

There are 5 rooms in the house. I like my village because there is a big river. There is a wood. There are mountains. There are a lot of old houses. But there is not a cinema. There is not a theater.There is not a supermarket. There is one shop.

There is a drugstore. There is one bus station. There is not a railway station. There is not a swimming pool. There is one school. My dream is to live by the ocean. I want to see different fish every day. I want to swim every day. I want to live in a bungalow.

wood – ліс

theatre – театр

drugstore – аптека

different – різноманітний

dream – мрія

bungalow – бунгало

II. Answer the questions. Use:

Yes, there is. / No, there is not.

Yes, there are. / No, there are not

  1. Is there a wood near your house?_________________________________________
  2. Are there mountains?__________________________________________________
  3. Are there a lot of houses?_______________________________________________
  4. Is there a cinema?_____________________________________________________
  5. Is there a theatre?_____________________________________________________
  6. Is there a supermarket?_________________________________________________
  7. Are there shops?______________________________________________________
  8. Is there a drugstore?___________________________________________________
  9. Is there a bus station?__________________________________________________
  10. Are there railway stations?______________________________________________

III. Write about your village or dream place.

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