New Caterpillar's Friend

Level: A2 

Age: kids

Once upon a time there was a little caterpillar called Katy. Every morning, after a long and comfortable breakfast with her parents, Katy went to visit her grandma Creepy. She lives not far from the hazelnut shrub where Katy’s home is.

Today is a particularly stormy day. It has been raining all night and even now the sun is not visible. The clouds are very low and without rubber boots you can not go outside in this weather. So Katy has put on her beautiful red and white dotted rubber boots and makes her way to granny. No matter how much it rains, Katy just can not miss the wonderfully delicious cocoa with grandma.

Katy did not go far when she heard someone crying. She looks around and actually behind a leaf she sees an earthworm, which is very sad. "What's up with you, dear earthworm?" Asks Katy very hesitantly. "Oh, nothing!" sighs the earthworm. "But why are you so sad then?" "Oh, you are so good, caterpillar." Katy does not really know what the earthworm wants her to say. "It's raining and I'm walking along here, what’s making you so sad? By the way, my name is Katy." "Hello Katy, my name is Wormy. Do you know Katy, every morning I see you here running past me with a smile on your face and in a good mood. No matter what the weather is, you always look happy and friendly. And this is why all the others love you. But look at me, I'm brown. I am not bright and can not even smile like you. Look! "And Wormy tries to laugh, but his mouth almost does not move at all. Katy looks at Wormy and suddenly becomes sad. But then she has an idea! "Wormy, you know, I'm on my way to my grandmother's to drink cocoa with her. What do you think if you just come with me? We shall talk and my grandma can tell such good jokes. It will make you laugh and be in a good mood!" "Do you think that works?" "Well, sure, but I know my grandma and her jokes, that will be great "

And so the two go together to grandma Creepy to drink cocoa and to laugh together. From that day Wormy and Katy go together every morning to grandma Creepy. They drink cocoa and it really worked out. Wormy can laugh again and is not so sad anymore, and he has found a great new friend.

translated and adapted by Towmuch

from Die kleine Raupe Lilli by Franziska Müller

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