New Year is Coming

There are many interesting facts about New Year. Let's plunge into this fest, because the New Year is coming soon!!! Have you ever asked yourself - why a fir tree? 

The custom to decorate a Christmas tree was imported into Ukraine from Europe. This happened during the reign of King Peter I. People from ancient times believed that the souls of the dead moved to the trees. Souls can be both good and evil. That is why it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year to please the spirits. 

But why a fir tree? 

The fir tree remains green throughout the year. Our ancestors believed that the trees that remained green all year round were special gifts from the God of the Sun. The God of the Sun was considered the main God in many cultures. So the choice in favor of fir trees was made. As mentioned previously, the first who decided to introduce the custom was Peter I, but it did not get introduced for almost 100 years.

Only in 1852 did the first public Christmas tree appear in Ukraine.

The first appearance of Santa Claus was in the year 1822 in the United States of America. Later, Slavic people copied Santa Claus and made "our" Grandfather Frost. Everything came from a fairy-tale, which spoke about how St. Nicholas with harness, a bag of gifts and his deer was giving presents to all the children. After he appeared in America, his image was taken for the French Pere Noel (our Grandfather Frost). Grandfather Frost was taken from Pere Noel. Of course, the gloves and coat were invented by us, because the gentle Santa Claus would be very cold here. But the image of the Snow Maiden was invented by us. Santa has no helper. Only our Santa Claus has a Snow Maiden. For this we can say thanks to folk tales and writers, from which everything originated.

The highest Christmas tree was set up in Mexico City, and it also made the Guinness Book of Records in 2010. It is truly a giant tree, the height of which is 110 meters. In order to make it clear to you how much that is I will give an example. 110 meters is a little more than 40 floors of a residential building.

Why are gifts given for the New Year? The answer to this question lies in the ancient tribes and their customs. Previously, it was decided to give gifts to the gods in order to please them. The ancient Greeks presented a multitude of different gifts from simple things to people. In ancient Egypt it was also accepted to greet not only with a good word, but also with a gift. All this was done for the sake of the Nile River, which provided them to almost everything. Later this custom began to be used in ancient Rome. There, the gift was somewhat a bribe. But even then it was decided to give something, especially to the emperor. So, in time gifting for the New Year was something daily, normal. People started giving gifts just like that. Firstly, it's a pleasure, and secondly, this custom has lasted for many years now. Today people give gifts, receive gifts. It's not possible to imagine the New Year without them.

Christmas trees were decorated with different fruits and related stuff: apples, nuts, cookies. Such customs first appeared in Germany. After that, they have changed a lot. During the war, toys were made out of cotton and other handicraft materials. But then they began to be produced as a whole new market. Now they can be found in any personal taste and color. In Italy for the New Year, people get rid of old things. They just throw them out of the window. There is such a belief that if you write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, throw it in a glass of champagne and drink it, then it will surely come true. The main thing is to have time to do all this within ten seconds before the New Year...

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