​Newborns and Babies

by Lena Chala

What do parents feel when a baby is born?

They feel love, happiness and enjoyment, because they have expected for it for a long time. They are also worried because they take a responsibility upon themselves for a new life. 

The newborns come and need a lot of attention and love. Babies need many special things made just for them. These things have to be comfortable, safe and necessary. They make parents’ life easier and untroubled, so preparation plays a significant part.

What baby things are essential for the first year?

Baby clothes must be comfortable to put on or take off and made from natural and soft fabric. You will need a lot of different kinds of clothes. Your choice depends on the seasons when the baby was born. The clothes have to be also comfortable for eating, sleeping, crawling and doing the firs steps.

Clothes: baby's loose jackets, bodysuits, child's romper suits, leggings or stretchy pants, cotton hats, mittens, socks for indoors and to wear outside, pajamas or sleepers and a special type of underwear for a baby. It is called a diaper or a nappy.It holds all of the baby's body wastes until they learn to go to the toilet by themselves.

All companies which design and make babies’ accessories worry about the quality of their production. They offer different kids of essential belongings for sale.

There is a list of necessities which young parents need to take care of a newborn.
A changing table is where the mum or dad changes the diapers/nappies of the baby and makes him/her clean.
Baby wipes are like toilet paper for adults, but are thicker and wet so that they clean the baby better.
Baby lotion is rubbed on the baby's skin to keep it soft.
Baby powder is a white powder that is rubbed on the baby's skin to keep the baby dry smell pleasant.
Baby shampoo is a liquid to wash their delicate hair.
A bib is a piece of cloth or plastic fastened round a child's neck to keep its clothes clean while eating or drinking.
A booster seat is a special chair for a baby that is placed on top of a normal chair. It helps the baby to be taller, so that he or she can reach the table to eat.
A bathtub is a long, usually plastic container for bathing a baby.
A thermometer is for measuring temperature of water during the bathing.
A bottle is what a baby drinks out of instead of drinking out of a cup like an adult. The top of the bottle is called the nipple.
A nipple is a small rubber or plastic thing put on the top of the bottle. Babies suck milk through a hole in it.
A cradle is a small bed, for a newly born baby, it rocks back and forth.
A crib is the bed that a baby sleeps in. It is larger than a cradle and usually has bars on either side so a baby can see out but not roll or fall out.
A highchair is special chair with a little table attached to it so that a baby can eat sitting up and be safe from falling down.
A mobile is a decoration that hangs over a baby’s crib and gives the baby something to look at. There are usually different objects hanging down from the mobile for the baby to see, kick, or reach out for.
A pacifier or soother is a rubber or plastic object that you give to a baby to suck so that he or she feels comforted. It keeps the baby from crying. In British English this is called a “dummy.”
A play pen is a small enclosed area a baby has space to play and not get into trouble. It provides a safe place for the baby.
A rattle is a small toy for a baby to hold. A rattle usually has small objects inside of a ball at the end of a handle. When the baby shakes the rattle it makes a noise.
A babywalker is a wheeled frame in which a baby is suspended in a harness and can move itself about a room with its feet.


  1. How can you describe the parents’ emotions when the baby is born?
  2. Why preparation is very important?
  3. What clothes do parents have to buy at first?
  4. What things do parents use to make the baby’s skin soft and clean?
  5. How do parents use a bib and a booster seat while the baby is eating?
  6. What things do parents use for bathing a baby?
  7. How do we use a bottle and a nipple?
  8. What things do we use to still and lull a child?
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