No More Housework!

It is five o'clock in the evening when Rene Wagner comes home from work. She walks into the living room and looks at her three children. The children are 14, 13, and 9 years old. They are watching TV.

The living room is a mess. There are empty glasses and dirty socks on the floor. There are cookies on the sofa. Games and toys are everywhere.

Rene is angry. "This place is a mess!" she tells her children, "I can't work all day and then do housework all evening. I'm not going to do housework!"

And so, Rene doesn't do housework. She doesn`t clean. She doesn' t wash dishes. She doesn`t wash clothes. Every evening she sits on the sofa and watches TV.

After two weeks, every plate, fork, and glass in the house is dirty. All the children's clothes are dirty, too. Every garbage can is full. The house is a mess.

Then, one day Rene comes home from work and gets a big surprise. The kitchen is clean. The children cleaned the kitchen!

The next day, the living room is clean, and the children are washing their clothes.

Rene tells her children, "OK, I'll do house­work again. But you have to help me."

Now Rene and her three children do the housework together. Then they all sit on the sofa and watch TV!

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