No More Space!

Patricia Ball is on vacation from work, but she is not happy. She has only $45. Where can she go with only $45? Nowhere! What can she do with only $45? Nothing!

Then she has an idea. For $45, she can get a tattoo!

She pays $45 and gets a small tattoo on her chest. It is a tattoo of a horse. Patricia likes the tattoo.

A few weeks later, Patricia has some extra money, so she gets another tattoo. It is a rainbow. Patricia likes the rainbow. She wants more tattoos.

During the next ten years, Patricia gets hundreds of tattoos. She gets a Native American on her arm. She gets the ocean on her leg, with green plants and silver fish. She gets a jungle on her back, with green trees, orange birds, and a blue waterfall.

Patricia gets tattoos everywhere on her body; only her face and neck have no tattoos. Patricia wants more tattoos, but she can't have them. There is no more space for tattoos!

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