Oral Letters


Dear friend, I know that you go to summer camps every summer and like spending time there very much. I wasn’t in summer camp and I don’t know what it offers. Can you tell me about your favourite camp, say what children can do there, where it is, how many days campers can stay there, where they can find more information about it. Are you going to this camp next summer?


Dear friend, I’m writing to you because I need your advice. I think that I am very plump and I don’t know what to do. I have a very busy working day and I don’t have time to go in for sport. What should I do? What shouldn’t I do? I want to be healthy, strong and slim.


Dear friend, I must write a composition (твір) about four most important jobs in our country. I need your help because I don’t know what jobs are really the most useful in Ukraine. Can you help me? Write me, please, about these professions. What do you know about them?


Dear friend, I want to arrange a party. It is Robert Burns’ Night. I know that you had such a celebration. Can you tell me about your celebration? What did people do on this party? What did you cook? Who helped you?


Dear friend, I’m writing to you because I need your advice. My brother can’t choose his future profession. There are a lot of different jobs today and it’s very difficult to choose a good job. What job should he choose? What popular jobs do you know? What do people of these professions do every day? Which job would you like to choose?


Dear friend, you know that I am a reporter in my school. I must choose the most famous summer camp in our region (область) and describe it. You visited different summer and winter camps. Which camp do you like the most? Why do you like this camp? What can campers do there? What does this camp offer? How many days can campers stay there? What had this camp got? (playing fields, pools, gardens, gyms)


Dear friend, my cousin doesn’t go in for sport. He is very weak (слабкий) and plump. He thinks that sport is not for him. Persuade (переконай) him that sport is very necessary in our life. Why do you go in for sport? What sport do you do? Do you have PE lessons? Is your family active?


Dear friend, I want to buy two unusual pets. But I didn’t have any pets and I don’t know how to take care about (доглядати за) them. You have three unusual pets. 

Tell me about unusual pets, what they eat and like and where they sleep.


Dear friend, I want to open my own zoo. I would like to buy different unusual pets. You know a lot about unusual pets. Can you tell me in detail about unusual pets? What do they eat? How can I feed them? What do they like? Where do they sleep? What do they look like?


Dear readers, tell us about your favourite unusual pets. Which unusual pets do you have? Describe them in detail. What do they look like? The winner will get a prize. 

Tell us about your pet and win a prize.


Dear friend, I know that you have got many friends from England. I want to make friends in England too. Describe me your best friend from England. 

Tell about his / her appearance (зовнішність), character, working day. What is he / she like?


Dear friend, I know that you are a real scientist and you know a lot about aliens. I must write a composition (твір) about alien’s working day. I don’t have any ideas. Can you help me? Describe alien’s everyday activities. Do they go to school? What do they do in the evening? Do they do different sports?


Dear friend, tomorrow is a magic day. You will be able to change your working day. Your working day is so usual. You do the same (однейтесаме) every day. 

Describe your imaginary (уявний) working day.


Dear friend, we are waiting for aliens from Mars. We are having a football and basketball matches with them tomorrow. But we can’t play football and basketball. Can you explain the rules of these games to us? 

Tell us about football and basketball in detail.


Dear friend, last summer I and my family went to Krakow. It is a very beautiful city. We travelled there by bus. We stayed in a hotel. We saw many interesting places (sights). We met some nice people. We bought some food or ate in cheap restaurants. We spent three days there. The weather was good, but it rained once. I really enjoyed my trip. 

Write me back soon and tell me about your last summer holidays.


Dear friend, I want to be a doctor in future. Can you tell me about that job? What do I need to become a good doctor? 

(study hard, Biology and Chemistry, smart and serious, patient and attentive, work with different people, wear a uniform, write reports).


Dear friend, How are you? I know you are on your grandparents' farm now. Where are you staying? What is there around you? What animals are there? Who feeds them? What plants grow there? Who looks after them? What are your grandparents doing now? What are you doing? Do you like the weather? Do you like your holiday? How do you feel?


Dear friend, I know your father is a pilot. I want to be a pilot in future. Can you tell me about this job? Is it difficult to be a pilot? What must I learn? What do I need to be a pilot? 

(study at the university, train a lot, be healthy, be intelligent and brave, fly a plane very well)


Dear friend, I am a pupil of the fourth form. We study different subjects, among them Maths, French, Science, Arts, Music, etc. I enjoy Maths and Science. I like Music. It is relaxing. I don't really like History. It is boring. How are you? How is your school? What do you study. 

Tell me about your favourite and disliked subjects.


Dear friend, I am from London, England. It is a huge city. There are a lot of interesting places and parks. Next week I am going to Ukraine. Can you give me some recommendations about the cities I can visit. What cities are interesting there? What is there? Where can I go? What can I see? What can I do there? What is the weather like now? What clothes do I need?

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