Oxford is like London: it is international, it is very old, and it has great charm. It is also a town that grew up near the River Thames.

Oxford is international because people from many part of the world come to study at its university.

They come to study at one of the twenty-seven men's colleges or at one of the five women's colleges that are theuniversity.

They join the university "family" that has more than 9000 members.

Oxford is old and historical. It has existed since 912.

The oldest of the twenty-seven men's colleges is University College.

You can see the charm of Oxford in the green parks and fields which surround the city and you can see it in the lawns and gardens which surround the colleges.

You can see the charm of Oxford in the River Thames and its streams which pass near the city.

Do you know that the name Oxford means the part of the River Thames where the oxen (cattle) forded (crossed)?

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