Participles (Grammar Drills)

doing - active simultaneous with a predicate action

being done - passive simultaneous with a predicate action

having done - active prior to a predicate action

having been done - passive prior to a predicate action

done/ed - passive finished attribute

Turn the following participles into subordinate clauses.


Knowing that he was poor, I offered to pay forhis lunch. 

As I knew that he was poor, I offered to pay forhis lunch.

  1. Having been offered to pay for his lunch, he felt tears coming into his eyes.
  2. Having barricaded the windows, we assembled in the hall waiting for another attack..
  3. Having got tired of my complaints about the news report, she turned it off.
  4. Having found no one at home, he left the house right away.
  5. Hoping to find the hidden money, she searched everywhere.
  6. Having removed all the traces of his crime, the robber left the building.
  7. Having missed the last train, the woman began to walk.
  8. Being exhausted by his work, he threw himself on his bed to kick back and relax.
  9. Having been asked for a job several times, his father agreed at last.
  10. Having escaped from prison, he looked for a shelterto get food and bed.
  11. Not desiring to hear what she had heard before, she covered her ears with her hands.
  12. Having found the money, they began quarrellings about how to divide it.
  13. Entering the room suddenly, mother found her teens smoking.
  14. Being astonished at what I saw, I could not help crying.
  15. Having been visited unexpectedly, we decidednot to lay the table and to have lunch in the park.
  16. Being offered to show the way home, we were glad as we thought we were lost.
  17. Having found his revolver and loaded it, he could not move sitting down facing the door.
  18. Having realized that she couldn't move the wardrobe alone, she asked a neighbor to help her.
  19. Having fed the dog, he sat down to his own dinner.
  20. Having been fed the dog started yelping quietly.
  21. Having made a mistake, he went through his calculations again.
  22. Looking through the fashion magazines, she was surprised how dramatically styles are changing.
  23. The tree had fallen across the road, having been uprooted by the gale.
  24. The sleeping people were wakened by the sound of breaking glass.
  25. Having been awakened by the whining sound of the siren, she rushed to the window to see what had happened.
  26. Knowing that the murderer was still at large, I was extremely reluctant to open the door.
  27. Having stolen the jewelry, he looked for a place to hide it.
  28. We were soaked to the skin, having eventually reached the station.
  29. The coffee came in, ready poured out in two cups.
  30. We did not find many people assembled there.
  31. In this cold and darkness there went along the street a poor little girl, bareheaded, and with naked feet.
  32. Preceded by the croupier, we passed along some passages.
  33. Badly designed lighting can pose a threat to wildlife as well as people.
  34. Sitting in the front row and using opera glasses, I saw everything beautifully.
  35. One evening sitting by the fire, you will remember this moment.
  36. Knowing that there were ants in the grass, I spread a plastic bag on the grass to sit down.
  37. Being believed she went on lying bluntly.
  38. Slates being ripped off by the gale, fell on people passing below.
  39. Having found his cage door open, seeing no sign of his keeper, the lion left the cage and walked slowly towardsthe zoo entrance.
  40. The government having once tried to tax people according to the size of their houses went on to put an absurd tax on windows.
  41. Having heard that the caves were dangerous, I didn't like to go any further without a light.
  42. Wearing extremely fashionable clothes and being surrounded by photographers and pressmen, she swept up to themicrophone to deliver her lachrymose speech.
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