Participle I or II

1. The windy air __________ on my face soon made it weathered.

A stirring 

B stirred 

C being stirred

2. A __________ strip of paper fell out of the pocket

A having folded 

B folding 

C folded

3. I could not but admire the stars in the sky.

A being shone 

B shining 

C shone

4. A __________ goat ran hither and yon.

A frightening 

B having frightened 

C frightened

5. __________ of his debt he was getting more angry.

A Being reminded 

B Having reminded 

C Reminding

6. The exquisitely __________ women boasted the diamonds on their heads and bosoms.

A dressed 

B dressing 

C being dressed

7. She stopped, and picked up a __________ acorn.

A having fallen 

B fallen 

C falling

8. The quiet little cafe __________ by candles was very cozy.

A having lit 

B lit 

C lighting

9. The chandelier deliberately __________ in the center could hardly light the huge hall.

A having hung 

B hanged 

C hung

10. __________ back on the bench, the old man was dozing.

A Being leant 

B Leaning 

C Leant

11. The thickly __________ stairs absorbed a lot of dust.

A carpeted 

B carpeting 

C being carpeted

12. There were __________ candles and an empty candle holder on the table.

A having scattered 

B scattering 

C scattered

13. There were a lot of __________ trucks and cars on the road leading up the bridge.

A abandoned 

B having been abandoned 

C abandoning

14. A short, stout man with a puffy face sat at a table __________ for dinner.

A having laid 

B lain 

C laid

15. The voice had something __________ in it.

A captivating 

B captivated 

C having captivated

16. There was a balcony along the second floor __________ up by the columns.

A held 

B holding 

C having held

17. They escaped in a __________ car.

A having hired 

B hired 

C hiring


1. A

2. C

3. B

4. C

5. A

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. C

10. B

11. A

12. C

13. A

14. C

15. A

16. A

17. B

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