Past Continuous Tense. Grammar Conversational Worksheet

by Viktoria Shevchuk

I. First of all students should memorize all the actions that are on the cards. A teacher names an action and pupils show it. When they’ve learnt all phrases a teacher may start the game. One student should be chosen. This student leaves the classroom. All other students get cards with actions, they do their actions and teacher asks the student outside to come in. This student has only a few seconds to memorize what everybody is doing. Then pupils stop miming and showing their actions and a student who was outside describes what everybody was doing.

E. g. Masha was blinking her eyes. / Masha was blinking her eyes when I came in.

II. Chain

The first student says what he/she was doing at five o’clock yesterday (I was walking my dog at five o’clock yesterday). The next student repeats the information that his/her neighbor said and says what he/she was doing at five o’clock yesterday using construction with “while” (I was riding a motorbike while Ann was walking her dog). Then one by one students name previously mentioned actions making up own sentences.

sing a new song stamp your feet paint play the guitar
sleep clap your hands read a book talk to your friend
dance climb a tree fly a kite play snowballs
fight have breakfast blink your eyes clap your hands
rub your eyes pick up flowers cut your finger look at yourself in the mirror
cry smile friendly bite your nails drink
walk a dog go jogging put on your clothes hop
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