Patrick is a cop. He is from New York. The job of a policeman is very dangerous. Patrick tells us about his Saturdays on duty. he starts his work in the evening. He has not got a car. He walks the streets,looks around, chats with people,asks them some questions about their friends and neighbours. He has got a police radio and when the job comes up on the radio he runs to the place. Patrick tells that he deals with different problems: shooting,domestic disputes,street attacks and robberies.

When Patrick is at work he is serious and concentrated. The most dangerousthing is drug dealing. Drug dealers have a lot of teenagers who work for them. The teenagers usually warn drug dealers about the police in the area. So they run away in time.

Patrick patrols every day. He is very tired after work. Sometimes he spends his free time in the pub round the corner. He likes beer and billiard.

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