Phrasal Verbs "bring..."

Phrasal Verb



bring about

вызвать какие-то события, внести изменения по поводу чего-то

Major changes will have to be brought about in British industry.

bring along

привести кого-то, что-то с собой

Can I bring a friend along to the party?

We brought along pieces of old bread and fed the birds.

bring back


This tune brings back memories of my childhood.

bring forward

выдвинуть какую-то идею, предложение

A plan was brought forward to allow workers to share in the profits.

bring in

приносить деньги, увеличивать доходы

It will bring in more money.

bring off

выполнить что-то с успехом

It was an important event, and she’s managed to bring it off brilliantly.

bring on

вызывать что-то неприятное, нести какую-то неприятность

The cold weather brought on many colds.

bring out

опубликовать, вынести на суд сообщества

When are you bringing out a new dictionary?

She brought out the best in me.

bring over

привести с собой к кому-то

Paulo’s very shy – he needs bringing over.

bring round = bring over

прийти в себя;

убедить в чем-то

Peter has fainted, try to bring him round.

We must bring the rest of the committee round to our point of view.

bring up


My aunt brought up four children.

I was brought up to respect the law.

bring together


I'm glad that the brothers have been brought together after all their quarrels.

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