Phrasal Verbs "come..."

Phrasal Verb



come across = run across

зустрітися (пересіктись) з кимось випадково

I came across this old photograph in the back of the drawer.

come along

просуватися вздовж швидше

прибути, з’явитися

Come along, children, or we'll be late!

Trouble comes along when you least expect it.

Take every chance that comes along.

come at

натрапити на щось, виявити, розкрити н-д правду

It is always difficult to come at the truth.

How did you come at the information?

come back = bring back = be back

прийти назад на пам’ять

повернутись в моду

Her name will come back (to me) soon.

Long skirts are expected to come back next year.

come between

стати посередині з метою поділити, відділити

Nothing could come between the two lovers.

Never come between husband and wife.

come by

проходити мимо, повз щось і отримати це

How did she come by that expensive car?

It is not easy to come by a high paying job.

come down

знижуватися до землі, приземлятися (про літак)

Our plane came down in a field.

come down to

перейти до когось внаслідок успадкування

досягнути, дійти до рівня

This house came down to me after my aunt died.

Has he come down to this?

The window come down to the ground.

come down with

стати хворим, злягти від

I think I'm coming down with a cold.

come in

увійти в моду

Mini skirts are coming in again.

come into

увійти в спадок, успадкувати

He came into a large sum of money after his grandfather died.

come off

вийти в результаті успішним

Despite all his planning the deal didn’t come off.

come on

розвиватися, прогресувати

My plants are coming on nicely.

She's coming on seventeen.

come out

вийти назовні (про квіти) для цвітіння

вийти назовні на вулицю для страйку

вийти в спільноту, обнародувати, стати

доступним про інформацію, новини і т.п.

вийти (про сонце), з’явитися в небі

зникнути, вивестись (про пляму)

Roses come out in summer.

The Post Office workers have come out in support of their pay claim.

The news of her death came out last week.

When does her new book come out?

The sun came out the clouds for a while.

This oil stain will come out if you let it soak in warm water.

come over

зайти до когось, нанести візит

Why don't you come over to our place one evening?

come round = bring round

забігти випадково

прийти до тями

Why don't you come around and see us one evening?

To the doctors’ surprise the patient came round quickly.

come through

пройти через якісь труднощі та вижити

Let us hope he'll come through all right.

All my family came through the war.

come to

дійти до якогось рівня, суми

I'm disappointed that my efforts have come to so little.

Your bill comes to four pounds.

come up

вийти на поверхню, з’явитися, трапитись

He sowed turnips, but none of them came up.

Such an opportunity comes up once in a lifetime.

come up against = run up against

зіткнутися неочікувано з труднощами

They came bang up against fierce opposition.

The firm ran up against strong competition.

come up to

наблизитися, підійти


A strange man came up to me and asked me for money.

He failed to come up to his parents’ expectations.

come up with

придумати, дійти до якого-небудь рішення

He came up with a brilliant plan to save the company.

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